***BTW for TEENS and ADULTS***

***ADULT CLASSES - Saturdays***

***3rd Party DPS Testing - COMING SOON!***


Now, you must complete 14 hours of in-car training as well as 30 hours of 'practice'. You must have your permit for 6 months and be 16 years old to before you can take the DPS driving test to receive your permanent license. Contact us for additional information and assistance on preparing your journey!

Teens age 14-17, must complete 32 hours of classroom and pass the DPS written test as required by the state of Texas, to receive their permit. This can be done in one easy step with our classroom that includes the DPS written test at no additional charge. We assist every step of the way!

Adults age 18-24 are required 6 hours of classroom by the state of Texas. Adults must also pass the DPS written test. There are no behind-the-wheel training requirements for adults (even though it is highly recommended). Adults must take and pass the DPS road test to receive their permanent license.

Call us to discuss plans to get your license! We are here to help!

A 14 year old may join the classroom, however they may not receive their permit until they turn 15 years old. Consider a consultation with us on recommendations for your 14 year old. We are here to help!

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