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***3rd Party DPS Testing - COMING SOON!***

Teen Classroom

Teen Classroom

Teen Classroom

Our teen classroom is for teens age 14 to 17 and consists of 32 hours of state-required classroom time, including the DPS written test at no extra charge. This means that your teenager will receive all the necessary knowledge and information to obtain their driver's license conveniently and efficiently.
Our highly experienced and licensed instructors utilize modern teaching techniques and interactive materials to ensure that your teenager is fully equipped with the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a confident and responsible driver.
We understand the importance of providing comprehensive driver's education to teenagers. We firmly believe that a solid foundation in classroom education is the key to developing safe driving habits. Our Teen Classroom not only meets the state requirements but also goes above and beyond to instill a sense of responsibility and awareness in young drivers.
Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to provide your teenager with the best driver's education in Lufkin. Contact us today to enroll and take the first step toward a lifetime of safe and responsible driving. Let us help your teenager pave the way to a bright and successful driving future.

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